What Will Libraries of the Future Be Like?

I set my mind to answer this question at the beginning of the Covid-19 shelter-in-place orders. Here’s what came to me recently about how libraries might evolve through the pandemic. Four Categories of Libraries There are many kinds of libraries. However, librarians in the U.S. tend to categorize four major types of libraries: 1. academic libraries —these started in the 16th century with a few...

Book Review—The Introvert’s Edge

The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone by Matthew Pollard with Derek Lewis (© 2018 Rapid Growth L.L.C (Published by AMACON: The American Management Association) If you are an extrovert, don’t worry about the title of this book. It does include tips for you! I had to smile when my most extroverted friend wrote this to me recently. It is something that most of us introverts...

Selling Books in the Coronavirus-19 Season

Hello Authors! I have just become one of you. During this quarantine I’m typesetting two books I had just finished writing ar the end of December of last year. One of these books is intended to help employees transition to self-employment, something many people may find helpful for the future.  For those of you who have a business connected with your book, or who know that it isn’t just enough...

Citation Indexes Uses for Writers

Academic and large Public Libraries have long relied on Citation indexes to assist scholars. While many professors and college students learn “Who is Who” in their fields from their teachers, the experts in almost every field change over each decade.  Citation indexes in many scholarly fields attempt to weigh in on Who’s Who by showing who cites who in their scholarly papers.  While not a...

Drag Queen Story Hour at the Library

This week I was amazed to see a one-page article in my alumni magazine, InterCom, from University of South Carolina College of Information and Communication. The author was a sophomore named Shelby Johnson. Her article’s title was “Drag Queen Story Hour”. At the top of that article are two color photos: one showing a drag queen reading to children and the other, a toddler reaching out to...

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