Need a Virtual Assistant for Your Book?

Here are two groups of freelancers who can help with your book and/or your business. I can recommend both groups from personal experience. These are some of the support services each offers.

Virtual Assistants (VAs)

*   Accounting / Bookkeeping
*   Administrative / Office Services
*   Audio / Video Tape Transcription
*   Computer Repair / Network Support
*   Computer Software Training / Questions
*   Database Design / Troubleshooting
*   Editing, Indexing / Document Support
*   Graphic Design / Publishing
*   Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing
*   PowerPoint Design / Production
*   Project / Office Management
*   Sales / Marketing Support
*   Video / Multimedia Production
*   Website Development and Design / Search Engine Optimization

For more information on virtual assistants, see PASS’ (Professional Association of Support Services) web site. [You might find similar groups in your area by searching for “business support services” and looking at Google’s local search feature.]

Virtual Author’s Assistants (VAAs)

Manuscript Creation Services
•    Inventory and organize the author’s source documents
•    Research the target reader
•    Fact check information in the book
•    Get permission to use the work of others, including quotes and interviews
•    Coordinate professional peer and target reader reviews
•    Research potential publishers and submit a book proposal
•    Do a competitive analysis for the book proposal
•    Prepare the manuscript to submit to the publisher

Book and eBook Publishing Services
•    Coordinate the self publishing process
•    Coordinate testimonial requests
•    Organize the information for the book cover
•    Get the International Standard Book Numbers
•    Get a bar code for the printed book
•    Prepare the information to create the book interior
•    Get the Library Cataloging information for a book
•    Prepare an eBook
•    Work with Lightning Source
•    Work with publishers
•    Review the printer’s proof
•    Get retail distribution and sell to bookstores
•    Get the copyright registered

Book Marketing Services
•    Coordinate book marketing activities (including the marketing plan and publication date)
•    Get industry book reviews
•    Help the author prepare a media list
•    Coordinate development of the author web site (includes social networking, blogging)
•    Coordinate the author’s media kit and article submissions
•    Help maximize the book’s Amazon web page
•    Coordinate an author video
•    Create a virtual book tour
•    Organize a live book event (speaking engagements, book launch party)
•    Launch an Amazon best seller campaign
•    Enter book awards competitions
•    Assist with sponsors and high volume sales

For more information, see Jan B. King’s site (As far as I know, this is the only certified program in existence for book-author assistants. )

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