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Awards have always been important in book marketing. For example, the American Library Association offers numerous awards for print books. Try to win a library award, especially if you write for children or teens. The prestigious Newberry and Caldecott Medals are just two of the honorary awards from ALA for children’s books. Bookstores often feature books that have won these awards with special displays. Schools too will buy these books in preference to others like them.

Use your book prizes! Librarians love prize-winning books. Use any  book prize you win in your targeted emails to librarians. For example, Writers Digest has a prize every year for self-publishing authors. This contest includes all kinds of books; and prizes even include promotion of your book or a trip to New York City. Also for self-publishers is the National Indie Excellence Award. Information about this contest can be found at

Genre writers have competitions too. Here’s a link for three contests for crime novels, detective books and  and mysteries.

Now there’s an new award for publishers of ebooks, open until November 1st this year. See the announcement below!

If you win a book award, be sure to mention it in your press release, book announcement, author bio page, and be sure to mention it at the very top of your one-page that you’ll enclose with review copies of your book!

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Publishing Innovation Awards PublishingInnovationAwards Quality Excellence Design
Honoring innovation and excellence in ebooks, apps, and all things digital.
This is you call for entries into the Publishing Innovation Awards – deadline is November 1.Enter now.Here’s what others have been saying…”It’s clear with the rise of digital devices that people are reading more than ever. By acknowledging innovative developments in eBooks, apps, and other enhanced products, the Publishing Innovation Awards aim to encourage publishers to deliver quality reading experiences for future generations, no matter what (digital) shape or form.”

—Peter Costanzo, Director of Digital Content, F+W Media

“While we continually innovate on the reading experience for ebooks, publishers are evolving as well. The best publishers are now developing the same focus on the quality and design of ebooks that they have traditionally had on print books. As a company that obsesses over readers and the books they love, Kobo believes that the Publishing Innovation Awards rightly celebrate quality design and eBook innovation.”

Michael Tamblyn, EVP Content, Sales, and Merchandizing, Kobo

The Publishing Innovation Awards honor the most innovative ebooks, enhanced ebooks, and book apps in 14 categories. It is the mission of the PIAs to highlight excellent publishers/authors, encourage new thinking, and improve the reading experience in the digital age.

Deadline: November 1, 2011

Winning Entries Receive:

  • Recognition in front of your peers at Digital Book World 2012 in New York
  • Showcase of your product at Digital Book World 2012
  •  A multipoint marketing campaign (last year’s included features in the LA Times, Publishers Lunch, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and more)
  • The QED (Quality, Excellence, Design) seal for your book—the equivalent of a “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval™” for an ebook



The Publishing Innovation Awards celebrate publishers, designers and authors who are improving the reading experience in the digital age. If your ebook, enhanced ebook or book app presents solid design that keeps readability front and center or introduces interactive or social elements that improve the reading experience, we want to see it.

Even if you don’t win, your ebook will be evaluated for a QED seal. You’ll receive valuable feedback, and if your ebook passes our 13-point design review, you’ll get a QED seal to help attract readers who value clear, usable design.

More about the QED Seal


The QED Seal, new to this year’s Publishing Innovation Awards, signals to an ebook reader that the title will render well in whatever their preferred reading format and that they can buy with confidence. It is an emblem that publishers, authors, and content creators can affix to their ebook cover and metadata that assures readers they can read that title where they want, how they want.

Your entry in the Publishing Innovation Awards includes a professional 13-point design review that evaluates readability across multiple formats. Regardless of whether you win the PIA awards, you’ll receive valuable feedback on your ebook or app’s usability and, if your product passes the inspection, you’ll receive the QED Seal to help you communicate your digital offering’s high standards to potential readers. Click here to find out more about the QED Seal judging process.

Author’s note: I have no connection to any of these awards. Please click inks to them to learn more about them and contact them if interested in entering. Good luck! NKH

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