Impact of Self-Publishers on Big Publishers

Have you read my free PDF, “Global Publishing, Inc. — What Does It Mean for You?” If so, you’re aware of the radical changes that have taken place in the publishing industry during the first fifteen years of the 21st century. But there are other influences on the publishing industry too. One of them is the amazing explosion of self-published print and digital books. POD...

The Invisible Publishers – Small Presses

Small presses are not new, at least not small presses devoted to print books. Nor are they “vanity” presses. The small press and little magazine publisher has always been around for the “literati” – those artists, intellectuals, and just plain “punks” who had something significant to say that mainstream culture had little or no interest in....

What Happened to Karen’s $100,000 Advance?

I know a successful author who got a $100,000 advance from a New York publisher, but ended up in the hole! She had self-published a previous book, but she was making no money on it because of storage costs. Now she has brand-new options that didn’t exist five years ago. Here is her experience and how I helped her learn about better options for her book. Karen’s story Karen knew...

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