Agency Model? The Real Danger for Authors

On March 1, 2011, Random House, the last holdout against the Agency Model for pricing ebooksbooks, caved. Random House joined other publishers by paying a standard fee of 30% out of author royalties to the distributor(s) of its e-books. The Agency Model for pricing e-book fees was signed onto last year when Apple debuted it’s iPad, and Apple began charging 30% for distribution of e-books...

How to Make an Ebook Index – 5 Tips

Authors, these are five things you need to know. Why? Because the indexer you hire to make an index for your ebook may not know them. Ebook indexing is a brand new field with few practitioners. Because of the technology involved, ebook indexing is not the same as print book indexing. If you are not familiar with what an ebook index looks like, please see my post on,...

The Myth of The Cheap Ebook

To my surprise many authors have embraced Kindle’s deep discounts of books. They are pricing ebooks at $9.99 or less. Apple and five of the biggest publishers created an alternative model that lets publishers set ebook prices. This model helps Apple build a competitive advantage against Amazon’s Kindle books, and it pays more to authors, yet many authors are not happy with it. The reason...

The Digital Public Library of America

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is asking developers to submit demos, code, and design ideas to help advance toward “the realization of a large-scale digital public library that will make the cultural and scientific record available to all.” The digital library movement This is newest and most ambitious of many attempts to build a public digital library on the Internet....

Marketing Your Ebook on the Web

Too many authors and editors worry about production and distribution and forget about the middle step – marketing. Sure it sounds great when a site like offers to do this for your ebook: • You upload your book as text or pdf. We do the rest to make it look great on Kindle®, iPad®, Nook® & more. • You own all files we create for your ebook. • Distribution packages...

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