Largest Libraries of the Future

We’ve seen The Littlest Libraries of the Future. Now, what do the largest libraries look like? And what will changes they’re making mean for books? Check out this short video from Mansueto Library at the University of Chicago. Careful! One glimpse of these new-fangled library stacks may give you vertigo! The Mansueto library in Chicago houses three and a half million books...

Littlest Libraries of the Future

About two years ago, a “Free Bookstore” opened near me. Needless to say, I’ve been there even more often than to my local library. This year there’s a new trend. When my college alumni magazine, “On Wisconsin,” arrived this winter it contained an article titled “It’s a Mailbox…It’s a Bird House…No, Wait, It’s a...

How to Make an Ebook Index – 5 Tips

Authors, these are five things you need to know. Why? Because the indexer you hire to make an index for your ebook may not know them. Ebook indexing is a brand new field with few practitioners. Because of the technology involved, ebook indexing is not the same as print book indexing. If you are not familiar with what an ebook index looks like, please see my post on,...

Do I Need a Publisher’s Imprint?

There is no reason that you need to have a publisher’s imprint in order to self-publish. If you are doing the things a publisher usually does, you are the publisher! You only need to list your name on the back (verso) of the title page as the copyright holder for your book. Publishers usually place their names in two places on a print book: at the very bottom of the spine of the book, and on the...

Does My Book Need PCIP?

Today, we have a guest poster, Pat McCurdy-Crescimanno, MLS, Manager, Business Development / Project Manager, Publisher’s Cataloging-In-Publication (PCIP) at The Donohue Group Inc. in Windsor, Connecticut. Pat will discuss why you may want to get a prepublication library catalog record, PCIP, for your book before you publish it. About Pat McCurdy-Crescimanno I have been a professional librarian...

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