Novel Ways to Promote Your Book(s)

Are you looking for more ways to promote your book(s)?

I highly recommend a series of articles recently written by Julia Schopick especially for book authors.

Julia is a back-of-the-book indexing indexing client of mine who wrote a book, Honest Medicine: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases in 2010.

Her book was inspired by earlier twentieth century medical treatments that Julia learned about for over a decade while taking care of her husband’s cancerous brain tumor.

Julia is a high-powered person who has been a public relations consultant for over 25 years. After her book came out, Honest Medicine peaked at #49 on Amazon’s site after just one late night talk show interview.

When Julia finished Honest Medicine she created a website called Web Based PR offering radio and online promotional coaching on media and the Internet for book authors.

Her website offers free tips of using talk radio, blogs and media websites, and Facebook for promoting your book(s).

Recently, Julia telephoned to tell me about she was about to publish her newest book,The Power of Honest Medicine: LDN, an Inexpensive Alternative to the Costly, Toxic Medications Doctors Prescribe for Autoimmune and other Diseases. This book just came out in November 2018.

During our talk, Julia  mentioned that over the past three years she’d written a series of articles for IBPA, the Independent Book Publishers Association. These seven free articles are very exciting. Julia was especially enthused about her September 2017 article, “Commenting: An Underused Way to Promote Your Books Online”.

I particularly liked her advice in these articles about how to use Facebook, and how to prepare a media packet for your book. But all of her articles are dynamite!

Whether you are a self-publisher, or published author, you’ll want to read every one of Julia’s seven articles. You can find them here on IBPA’s website.

Here are the seven titles in order from earliest to most recent:

Julia Schopick, September 2016 
Julia Schopick, March 2017
Julia Schopick, July 2017
Julia Schopick, September 2017
Julia Schopick, December 2017
Julia Schopick, May/June 2018 
Julia Schopick, September/October 2018   

Let me add this: these articles could also be useful to you for writing copy on your website for your book—as well as for getting the word out about your book before you publish it.

Here and elsewhere on my site, I advise you to start planning how to promote your book as soon as you begin writing it

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