The Hidden Book Market

There is a hidden book market out there that you can tap. It’s the biggest book market in the US, and it’s hidden in plain sight!

Most authors think of bookstores and bestseller lists when they think of marketing their books. But here’s what you should know.

  • There are four times as many libraries as bookstores in this country
  • Five times as many of people get their books from a public library as from
  • Bestseller lists do not count sales of books to libraries, even though libraries are our biggest market for books

Want to make up your mind once and for all about publishing by knowing the facts of how to create and sell your book?

In my book, Marketing Your Book to Libraries: An Insider’s Guide for Authors, you’ll get a complete understanding of what it takes to compete successfully against the million other new books sold each year in this country.

Here’s what you will know after buying my book:

  • How to write and design your book to entice librarians to buy it
  • How to write marketing copy to promote your book to libraries
  • How to reach the librarians most likely to buy your book(s).
  • How to make sure your book is one librarians will choose to buy

You’ll also learn about the library market – in detail!

  • Your prospective customers – the different types of libraries and librarians who buy books
  • How librarians at each type of library of go about buying books
  • Sources those librarians use for justifying book purchases

There are hundreds of sources librarians use to buy books. I’ll teach you how to find out about all of them in the fastest amount of time. And you’ll learn how to leverage those sources to sell your book to librarians and the general public.

Even if your book is an unusual one, it can be sold to libraries. Librarians are now expanding their book-buying by looking at small press publishers, ebooks, and self-published books that meet library standards. I’ll show you exactly what those standards are and how to publish and market your book to the right kinds of librarians.

Even if you decide not to market your book to libraries (but why wouldn’t you!) you’ll find pages of useful information about your options for publishing your book, designing your book, book distribution, the where and how of getting favorable reviews of your book from the thousands of print and online book review sources available, and most importantly, the best ways to use those reviews to sell copies of your book.

Get started today. Decide if you want to publish your book. Get my guide, Marketing to Libraries now!

Marketing Your Book to Libraries, An Insider's Guide for Authors
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