How Big is the Library Market?

Libraries are a HUGE market. According to the American Library Association factsheet #1 for 2011, there are 122,101 libraries in the United States. These libraries buy all kinds of books: print, large-type print books, ebooks, audiobooks, and even PDF books. Libraries spend billions of dollars on books each year. The Library Market The largest library market is school libraries (grades K-12)....

A Home (Page) for Your Book

Consider these three pairs of businesses. Netflix v. Blockbuster Barnes & Noble v. Borders Amazon v. Cody’s, Black Oak, etc. 1. Netflix beat Blockbuster to the Internet, and helped put Blockbuster out of business. 2. Barnes & Noble beat Borders to the Internet, and it’s way ahead in the eReader book race as well. 3. Cody’s, Black Oak, and all the other wonderful...

Marketing Your Ebook on the Web

Too many authors and editors worry about production and distribution and forget about the middle step – marketing. Sure it sounds great when a site like offers to do this for your ebook: • You upload your book as text or pdf. We do the rest to make it look great on Kindle®, iPad®, Nook® & more. • You own all files we create for your ebook. • Distribution packages...

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